ConsultationsPrice, (lv.)
Clinical Immunologist35
Secondary visit20
Medical Geneticist40
Reproductive Endocrynologist35
Endocrynologist and Ultrasound of Thyroid Gland45
Clinical Urologist35
Clinical Urologist and Ultrasound45
Clinical Specialist in Internal Medicine35
Psychotherapy (per hour)30
Psychotherapy – discounts:
Three sessions60
Six sessions100
Ten sessions140
On-line consultations with Psychiatrist (per hour)20
Neonatological and Pediatric Medical ServicesPrice, (lv.)
Pre-birth consultation with pediatric neonatologist30
Primary pediatric exam35
Secondary pediatric exam25
Primary pediatric exam with transfontanel echography and abdominal ultrasound55
Transfontanel echography and abdominal ultrasound35
Issue of epicrisis, immunization passport and conclusions15
Consultation by documents with recommendations of testing and therapy30
Venepuncture of suckling baby10

Last update – 01/22/2014