Gynecological examinationsPrice (lv.)
Primary gynecological visit35
Primary gynecological visit & ultrasound55
Secondary gynecological visit25
Ultrasound (vaginal and abdominal)35
Ultrasound (vaginal and abdominal) in multiple pregnancy45
Ultrasound – color Doppler55
Ultrasound – Doppler in multiple pregnancy65
3-D Ultrasound85
3-D Ultrasound in multiple pregnancy125
Cervical citology (PAP test)20
Gynecological proceduresPrice, (lv.)
Hydrotubation of oviducts85
Hysterosalpingography (HSSG)155
Ovary cyst aspiration365
Diagnostic hysteroscopy450
Operative hysteroscopy650
Operative Hystero-Resection800
Post–coital test45
Secondary Auto-Insemination (next day)105
Secondary Hetero-Insemination (next day)155
Cervical cerclage455
Cervical dilatation155
Intrauterine Device – Set up55
Intrauterine Device – Removal35
Hormonal implant - set up45
OHSS retrieval - І200
OHSS retrieval - ІІ, ІІІ etc.100
Female consultationPrice, (lv.)
Female consultation30
Female consultation incl. cardiotocography40
Female consultation incl. cardiotocography - multiple pregnancy60
Heart tones record 20
Cervical score20
Female consultation - pool, includes:570
1. Antropometry, blood pressure;
2. Ultrasound - each visit;
3. Doppler - ultrasound - at least once;
4. Heart tones record - 3 times;
5. Lab tests: serology - twice, full blood work and glucose, urinalysis - 4 times;
6. Microbiology (vaginal sample) - 3 times;
Other consultations and servicesPrice, (lv.)
Consultations by paper work 30
Consultation fo results analyze and prescribing therapy20
Issue of medical conclusion - Bulgarian15
Issue of medical conclusion - English45
Medical experteeze on fitness efficiency15

Last update – 01/22/2014