Medical Center “Clinical Institute for Reproductive Medicine” Pleven was founded in 2007. The leading idea was to unite different specialists into one team, which primary purpose is to carry out complex diagnostics of reproductive failures.

Since its establishment in a small provincial town, MC CIRM Pleven is an innovator in the clinical practice on the implementation of immunoassays and therapy of infertility in Bulgaria. Algorithms originally created in MC CIRM Pleven been adopted and has been applied successfully in other reproductive centers and obstetricians in the country.

The team approach in the center is a precondition for the high success rate of IVF, our goal is not only the realization of pregnancy, but its storage and successful birth.

During all these years we keep the spirit and the mission of the center – to help, to love, to be empathetic. As a creator and manager of the center, I always knew that our success and sustainability of our hardships are due not only to the innovation and professionalism of our team. All our efforts are inspired and blessed by an idea and it will always stand above all. It is called – love for mankind.

Prof. Dr. Emiliana Konova, PhD

Manager of MC CIRM Pleven